Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candy and Creativity

Do you remember "happenings?" Coined in the 1960's, happenings are artsy events that include a variety of media/mediums and the active participation of the attendees. We here at The Empty House Studio thought that perfectly embodied the creativity we hope to foster. 

And so, we share with you, in hopes of inspiring collaboration everywhere, our first Happening at The Empty House Studio. 

Visual art and performance art under one roof. A painter inspired by freshly made candied citrus  peels dipped in chocolate lying on parchment paper. Musicians practicing and experimenting with collaborations. A friend trying mono-printing for the first time. 

music and art

candied citrus peels

peanut patties
Thank you, friends. Can't wait 'til next time. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Planning and Process

Until we have exciting news about the little fishes, we thought we'd share some home renovation beginnings. 
I took another load to the House the other day and finally saw it in the day time! What an adventure... I found a headless sculpture in the backyard, Koi in a pond, a secret laundry shoot, and two jumping spiders. 

While the locks are being replaced and the smoke detectors changed, we created the following list of things to consider before we jump into these house projects:

1. Who knows what we might run into that will set us back? So, decision: We will be flexible and get expectations out in the open! We will detail what everyone expects and keep that practice going. No reason to include personal fights over already complicated work! 

2. That decided, we are prioritizing our lists ... to save our mental sanity over the next few months or years of exciting changes. 

3. First, we're thinking about practicality in relation to the renovation work. What should come first? Work on the bathrooms before redoing an unfinished basement since the pipes are all exposed. Run electricity to the shed before relandscaping a backyard...

4. Which items will bring us more sanity? Be practical before getting fancy.

5. Also, this can be fun! We will not get overwhelmed! Just one thing at a time.

I created a document for Cousin and Husband listing out all of the spaces and the possible changes, both their wants and my suggestions. They are working on prioritizing that list. Eventually we will put together a draft of what they hope/expect to be completed when they get home. Phew! 

Now for coordinating our first art event... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fish Adoption!

Free* Goldfish and Koi Fish Adoption! 

They are beautiful, colorful, and free.*
Any takers?

There is a little pond in the backyard. Home Owners are not interested in keeping it. The fish are bright orange and some have black. There are a bunch. They are probably 5-6 inches long. Although I could probably do some measuring.

*References from previous koi or goldfish's experience with you preferable but not required. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Date, First Pictures!

Album links at the bottom of this post. 
The first visit to The Empty House Studio! 
Last night I packed my car with the essentials for a first date with the house:
1. Four old wooden folding chairs.
2. One huge beautiful piece of driftwood.
3. One tiny Christmas tree and lights. 
4. One travel easel and sketchbook.
5. One set of handmade ceramic bowls and glass goblets.
6. One handmade over-sized ruler. 

Driving into the neighborhood for the first time gave me excited goosebumps. There is a wide variety of architecture and twisty, angled streets. The little yellow house was just where the previous owners left it and the butterflies in my stomach multiplied as I pulled into the stoney driveway. 

I thrilled at the thought of putting the key in the lock for the first time and, wanting to capture the moment, pulled out the camera. The door wouldn't open! Oh no! Would I not be able to get in tonight?! 

Well, sometimes my enthusiasm gets the best of me. I used the wrong key. 

Once inside I made the necessary introductions. "Very nice to make your acquaintance, little house."

Searching for light switches and noticing the funny old house details, I'm not sure why I felt like I had to be quiet. There are nooks and crannies, tiny doors, odd angles, and great woodwork. 

First floor
Attic Stairs
Tiny Attic Door
A friend, C, met me there and helped me unload. She brought her mandolin and introduced EHS (Empty House Studio) to live Irish picking. This is wonderful.