Mission and Vision

This blog has 2 identities! 

1. To turn a house into a home: 

The house's makeover and creation into a home: Painting, gardening, renovating, and the like. Keep up with us for creative solutions and beautiful styling. 

2. Why its called a studio:

I am an artist and an Arts Management graduate student. I am producing artwork while I am in the house and collaborating with other artists. 

We won't be staying at this location for long. We only have 7 months. 

TEHS inspires, creates partnerships, promotes collaborations, and hosts creativity. 

The mission of The Empty House Studio 
is to provide a place for artists
to create, meet, collaborate, inspire, discuss, and grow. 

The Empty House Studio, an active art studio, is a nurturing space for 
...artists, curators, actors, arts managers, musicians, dancers...
to experiment, challenge their fears, and learn from failures 
through various demonstrations, lectures, classes, 
Happenings and pop-up shows.

Do you have an idea? Do you need temporary studio space? Contact us! theemptyhousestudio@gmail.com