The Story

Curious? Here is The Story...
My Cousin lives in another country and is moving back to the states with Husband, Baby Girl, and Dog in July of 2013. Good luck with your move, Cousin! 

But wait! 

They found their perfect house in October of 2012! It is an adorable yellow 1920's bungalow in an artsy little community with the small town feel right outside the big city. How could they say no? They couldn't. But they needed a tenant... one who would not just take care of the place but help turn it into a home before they come back. 

So, they called me, their modern day nomad artist cousin with interior styling, organizing, and staging experience who is in grad school and living with the 'rents. How convenient, you say? Why yes! Cousin's mother swooped in and closed on the house for them at the end of November. She handed the new set of keys off to me and I moved in. December kicked off the beginning of The Empty House Studio. 

I have 7 months to prepare for their arrival... choosing colors, repainting the interior, repainting the porch, preparing the garden, installing lights, letting contractors in to redo the basement.... oh the activity!

Meanwhile, the art must go on. I am an artist and love to create and promote creativity. And now I have an empty house? Oh boy oh boy! Think about it... The empty space is perfect for pop-up art shows and happenings. So, being an arts management grad student, I see an incredible opportunity to trial run an idea I've had for a while now... A studio/arts gathering place for Northern Virginia artists. See Mission and Vision for more on that.

Home improvements and art creation are happening simultaneously.  Stay tuned....